The Astoria Inn Bed and Breakfast in Astoria, Oregon is located on a hillside of a residential neighborhood overlooking the beautiful Columbia River on the edge of a lush, dense forest. The house was built in 1890 as a private residence by Olie Haren, a fine Norwegian fellow. Though the setting is very quiet, you can at times hear the soothing sounds of the foghorns on passing ships, or the barking of the sea lions enjoying their playtime on the piers skirting the river.

When you arrive, parking is available in the lot behind the inn. Bike storage is also handy for those of you peddling your way down the Oregon coast.

As you enter the Inn, a homey, relaxed atmosphere awaits you. The kitchen is a barrage of collectable piglets. The aroma of fresh baked cookies will assault your senses.

Backyard visitor at Astoria Inn Bed and Breakfast in Astoria, OregonDon't be surprised if you see deer passing through the yard or the raccoons peering into the kitchen windows as they have found the innkeeper to be a soft touch - providing home cooked pancakes when there are no leftovers available.

In the cozy antique-filled dining area you will find treats of cookies and candies. In the morning you may gather with other guests and enjoy a delectable breakfast. Mickey loves to cook! You could experience one of her many creative dishes such as: Grand Marnier French toast, a crab quiche or Dutch babies, not all on the same day of course.

The living room provides an intimate setting to visit with other guests, read the paper or view one of the many movies available.

Astoria is a wonderful step back in time with its many Victorian homes to see. The Astoria Inn Bed and Breakfast welcomes you to step back, relax and enjoy part of the past in our comfortable accommodations.

Astoria Inn Bed and Breakfast
3391 Irving Ave
Astoria, Oregon 97103-2632
Phone: (503) 325-8153
Toll-free: (800) 718-8153